8 best Sandbag Exercises for beginners

Here are 8 of the best exercises for people new to sand bag training

  1. Squats - Specifically front squats. Yes, they are harder than having the bag on your back but they are better for teaching good mechanics and have better carry over to back squats. Learn how to do front squats well from the beginning and you will be set when it comes to doing any other variation.

  2. Split squats - Body weight only split squats are the introduction to lunges and the many variations. Split squats give you a pretty stable base since both feet are always touching the ground. And they start to focus on single leg strength. Master these before moving on to harder variations. 

  3. RDLs - Learning the RDL is the key to learning good hip hinging. It’s one of the vital movement patterns we have as humans. The RDL emphasizes the hamstrings and glutes. It also lays the groundwork pattern for more complex exercises that can be added later.

  4. Bent Over Row - THE best upper back strength exercise we have with a sand bag. Master that hinge position and get those shoulder blades moving to build muscle and strength in the incredibly important upper back.

  5. Overhead Press - The main overhead pressing movement. Builds strength in the shoulders and triceps while providing a great challenge to the core. 

  6. Push Ups - In case you don’t know what a push up is… It’s basically a plank that’s great for the core that also builds muscle and strength in the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Make sure you use full range of motion.

  7. Planks - For your abs to work their best they need to be able to PREVENT movement, not create it. Planks are the first step in learning how to stabilize the hips and spine by preventing unwanted movement. Make sure you give a concerted effort to squeeze the abs hard.

  8. Loaded Carries - Loaded carries of all kinds are crazy good for people just starting out. They build strength and muscle, challenge all of the core muscles, and are a great conditioning tool. Here I’m demonstrating a Bear Hug Carry but just about all versions of carries are great.

Bonus - Not only are these exercises great for people just starting out, they should still be the bread and butter (or meat and potatoes) of the advanced person. You won’t outgrow these so you may as well get really really good at them.