I wanted to find out how fit I could get after turning 40. Fat Club Online has been the perfect workout program. Each routine is intense, explosive and dynamic. I love how the exercises and complexes build off previous routines to increase complexity and difficulty in a full body workout. After completing the program, I have gotten stronger, have more endurance and have lost 10 pounds. I haven’t been in this good of shape in over 10 years.
— Matt Moran
Following the FC Online workouts has been one of the greatest fitness experiences I’ve ever  had. I’m not an athlete, but I enjoy activity and this has been such an effective workout for me. The meal plan is sensible and it does take some discipline, but it is worth it.  I dropped one pant size in six weeks of working out and eating smart. I’ve come to love my sandbag and working out in fresh air.

— Deb Schmiess